By  Dr. Utpal Kumar Kataky,
Dubai, April ’2000

Rongali Bihu ‘Bapati Sahon’,

That’s what elders say,

13th April year 2000

Was a special day.

Assam residents from the U.A.E.

Numbering around sixty

Decided to celebrate Bihu festival

With all the pomp and gaiety


Barracuda on way to Ras Al Khaima

Just sixty kilometres away,

Was the venue for our programme

That evening and the next day.


Assembling there that early evening

Was indeed excitement and fun,

Beside the beach with furnished units

With lots of sand and sun.

Gents with beautiful Gamochas around

With lively music and dance,

Ladies clad in traditional costume

The atmosphere filled with romance.


Songs and quizzes, drums and guitar

in which we all took part,

Children presented the colourful Bihu dance

That enthralled each one's heart.


Later that evening food had been served

With sumptuous Bar be que dinner,

Gourmet dishes laid out in plenty

The servings went gradually thinner.


The programme went on with lively Bihu dance

Until the wee hours of the morning,

The night had quickly waned away

Without the faintest warning.


A post breakfast cricket match

And grueling rides in Aqua Park

Ended day long frolick and fun

Bohagor Bihu thus passed the mark.


Lastly we thank the organizers

For the wonderful time we spent,

And, indeed the celebration was

Surely a memorable event.