Mr. Mahmud Zaman Laskar, Dubai


Only the grass and soil under my feet, in the old graveyard. I am searching the names of my friends.

The sight of graves reminds me , shakes me, takes me back to the past ….

We grew up together Shared joy, laughter and sorrow together.

Felt proud to be in the land of Sankardev, Madhavdev and Ajan fakir, Lachit Phukon, Pioli Phukon and Maniram Dewan.

Dreamt to shine in our nation , To stand with pride on the bank of Mighty Brahmaputra.

We sang and danced with the tune of "DHUL and "PEPA. We rose to the call of Revolution, by our student leaders.

Chanted slogans like "We will give blood and not oil " "Give us love and not bullets" " and “Joi Ai Axom"

The politics of left and Right Could not pull us apart. Yet, Today all that is finished, all they had is vanished , for ever, ever.

What remains is the cry of Mothers,widows,brothers and sisters. And only the names are sleeping in the graveyard. Their cries are chasing me,

Running like a shadow. Their souls have mixed with the soil. Only the dry grass, soil and stones are remaining. And I am, I am still searching .........