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About Us:

"Axom Xomaj, Dubai, UAE" (The Assam Society of Dubai {UAE}) is a socio-cultural ‘organization’ based in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) but having its presence only in the Web at present. It’s a virtual body or association of the people of Assam residing in the United Arab Emirates. We, however, hope to have a formal identity very soon, with the approval of our affiliation to the Indian Association, Dubai.

We do not have, at present, any formal & physical entity nor any designated office-bearers. Ours is a flexible system to co-ordinate, disseminate information amongst and about the people of Assam in UAE. The main objective of this virtual organization is to bring the people of Assam in UAE to a common platform to pursue activities of common interest.

About UAE:

United Arab Emirates (UAE) was formed on 2nd December, 1971. Initially it comprised of the six emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Um Al Quawain, and Fujairah. The Seventh Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah came into its fold a year later.

Area wise it is comparable to our own Assam (86,000 Square Kilometres of UAE against about 78,000 Square kilometers for Assam). UAE has a population of about 2.9 million people (2000 estimates) against about 22 million of Assam (2001). UAE has however a very high per capita income (over US $ 19,000+) primarily due to its income from oil from Abu Dhabi and other major business activities in Dubai.

For more specific information about UAE, please visit the Miscellaneous page.

A brief history of the people of Assam in UAE:

Ajmals (Headed by Haji Ajmal Ali) are probably the first ones from Assam to be in UAE. They set up the perfumes business in UAE and now their creation 'Ajmal' is  a leading name in the field of perfumes not only in UAE but throughout the Middle-East. (www.ajmalperfume.com)

Among individuals, the following were the early ‘settlers’ from Assam in UAE - mainly from the medical profession.

Dr. Habibur Rahman (1975)

Dr. Utpal Kumar Kataky (1976)

Dr. Prasenjeet Kakati (1978)

Shri Phunu Kumar Bordoloi (1978)

Shri Bibhuti Brata Sarma (1979)

Col. Mahananda Medhi and his wife Dr. Santi Medhi, who are now based in Dubai, are probably the first ones to be in the Middle-East, having been in Oman since late sixties, once again, through the medical profession.

Till the late eighties, there were only a few Assamese families in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & the other Emirates.

However over last about ten years, there have been a increased flow of people of Assam into UAE to pursue business & professional interests.

There may be about 250 people of Assam in UAE at present; this number is very small compared to people from most of the other Indian states. We are however fortunate to have, amongst us, quite a few people from other parts of India, who have been associated with Assam through matrimony or having stayed in Assam in the past. They too are part of us!