This Souvenir has been brought out on the occasion of the first Rongali Bihu of the new millennium celebrated in the United Arab Emirates, by the Assam Society of UAE.(Asm smaj). The following are the articles included in the souvenir:

Xolagor Xorai  (@)                               by  Smt. Bina Sarma, Guwahati.

Bapati Xahon  (@)                               by  Smt. Bina Sarma, Guwahati.

Probaxot Bihu : Eti Mitha Anubhav (@) by  Sri Sanjeet Bordoloi, Dubai.

Rongali Bihu in 'Barracuda'          by   Dr. Utpal Kumar Kataky, Dubai.


        @  : These publications are in Assamese.